Top Ten List on what I hate on web-building

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10. Default blue <a> and purple <a:visited> – am I the only one felt this is ugly?

09. Using 200 Line-breaks <br> to make vertical spacing – You need a new keyboard when your Enter button broke;

08. Using 200 Non-breaking Spaces &nbsp; to make horizontal spacing or even fake “Center” aligment – I know, you’re using Frontpage, and that “align center” button will kill your whole family, including your dogs;

07. HTML page without character setting meta – Not every one is using same languaged-version OS as YOUR machine! Morons!;

06. Italic font-style – It just looks god-damned-ridiculous on ALL BROWSERS;

05. Comic-sans (and 少女體/娃娃體/海報體 in Chinese) under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE – THEY AREN’T CUTE for 13 years already;

04. Tables for minor layout alignment – It’s NOT 1998, Try google “Minial Table” for god’s sake!

03. Hard-coded Inline style – again, this is NOT 1998!!

02. Flash sites; using a HUGE Flash without HTML options and/or skip button (well, i got one, Ctrl-W/Cmd-W!);

01. IE Only – FUCK IE! Especially IE6, FUCK IT!